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What to Look for Before You Buy Your Cookware Set?

What to Look for Before You Buy Your Cookware Set

You just got a home of your own. You got your furniture. You got your TV, gadgets, and everything. But you need cookware for your kitchen. It can be very confusing and quite difficult to understand what cookware to buy and how exactly to choose them.

There are hundreds of brands with huge ranges and lines of kitchen utensils and gadgets in various materials and of varying prices. So, how do you decide which one is best for you? Should you buy a cast iron pan or nonstick pans?

Do you want a more expensive set or do you prefer more reasonable pricing?

These questions and many more need to be answered for you to determine which cookware you need. This article will attempt to help you answer these questions by yourself and hence decide on what you want to buy based on the needs you have.

What to Consider Before Making the Purchase

You can have the option to buy several individual pieces of cookware as well as an entire cookware set. But whichever you decide to buy, there are a few considerations that need to be made regarding the purchase. Such as:

1. Price

The price you are willing to pay for the cookware is a very important factor to narrow down the cookware that will be right for you. What you have to do, after determining your budget, is pick out the best product within that price range.

Cookware can come in expensive ranges. So, a specific budget is important to help you not overspend on a product that is not even what you need.

However, buying the best quality cookware is the highest priority. So, going cheap here would not be the best thing to do. It is important to understand that buying cookware can be a one-time investment if you do it right. So, to save money in the long run, buy a good product that you can afford and will get the best use out of.

This does not mean you have to buy the most expensive cookware in the mall. There are different sales on these products that you can look out for if you’re looking for reasonable prices.

2. Quality

Although some of the most expensive cookwares are the best, you can get a great quality product at a super price. The products that are better in quality can work better as well as the last longer. For example, nonstick pans are very durable and very convenient to use.

You can easily find good and durable stainless steel cookware that will look great and last a long time as well.

3. Material

To decide what material of cookware you need, there are a few more things that need to be considered:

  • What You Cook

Material of your cookware will clash with the kind of food you cook. For example, if you cook acidic foods such as tomato, lemon, citrus, etc., you have to consider the fact that the material of your utensil might react with the acid. 

For boiling, you cannot use pans that can leach off material or chemicals. For cooking meat, it is best to use iron cookware which can conduct heat better. For soups and stews, stainless steel cookware can be used for boiling. In this way, according to the food, the material of cookware should be different.

So, first decide what kind of food you’re looking to cook and make, and then, choose the material that is right for you accordingly.

  • Cooktop


Depending on the kind of cooktop you have, the cookware may need to be different. You might have an electric stove, gas cooktop or induction top. So, accordingly, you might need pots and pans that are compatible with it. For example, cast irons are more or less compatible with every top.

  • Handles

The handles on different pots as well as pans may come in different materials. You have to find compatibility there too. For cooking on stoves and inside ovens, you will need handles that are safe in such high heat environments.

  • Lid

Lid is an essential part of the cookware set even though it is often overlooked. The lid to your vessel should fit perfectly, or else it will hinder the cooking process. The material of the lid should be compatible just like the pan or pot itself.

Just like the handles, the lid should be oven safe and of the right material. Stainless steel pots usually need a lid of stainless steel that fits perfectly tight.

  • Heat Conduction

The property of heat conduction is what allows the heat from the stoves to cook the food evenly and adequately. Some metals have this property better than others. So, based on the kind of food you cook, you might need a better heat conductive cookware.

For example, stainless steel is not a good conductor of heat, but copper is a perfect one. This means that, when you cook in copper cookware, the heat you increase or decrease can quickly and evenly change. So, you can control the cooking process better.

4. Reactive Properties

Metals have the property of reacting to acids. Some metals do it more than others. So, if you are looking to cook food that may contain acidic elements, then you need cookware that does not contain materials that could react to the food. Hence, be aware of reactivity.

5. Maintenance

No matter how great your cookware is, if you cannot maintain it, take care of it and clean it with ease, there is no point in it being great since you will not be able to use it more than a few times. And besides, who does not like a shine on their kitchen tools?

how to maintenance cookware

You need to learn tips on keeping your cookware in the best shape. But at the same time, you need to determine whether the cookware you are buying is easy to clean and maintain.

Iron and copper cookware are generally a little more difficult to clean and maintain its shape and form. But stainless steel maintenance is much easier.   

6. Aesthetics

To some people, this property may not be important at all. While on the other hand, for some people, aesthetics is the most important thing.

This is because some people want their cookware to match their entire kitchen set up. But this can be an expensive alternative despite the quality and performance being the same.


Deciding on your cookware can be difficult. But you do not have to settle for one kind of cookware. You can use clad cookware and have more flexible and usable cookware at a reasonable price.

So, through being more well-informed, you can have better cooking experience and cookware with better service.