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How to Make a DIY Tortilla Press?

How to Make a DIY Tortilla Press

The famous Mexican culinary dish Tortilla is popular across the globe. Tortillas can be made at home very easily. To make tortillas efficiently, you need a tortilla press.

Now, tortilla press is available at any grocery store or online shop. But have you ever thought that you could make this instrument at your home also?

Well, yes. You can make your DIY tortilla press. Just follow certain rules and collect all the materials and instruments.

In our article, we have discussed the method of making a DIY tortilla press at home. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

 What Is a DIY Tortilla Press?

A tortilla press is mainly a tool to shape the dough into a perfect tortilla. It can be made of cast iron, wood, or aluminum. This tortilla press is available in most of the houses of Mexico, as the tortilla is one of their traditional dishes. The tortilla is also available in restaurants that offer Mexican food.

A DIY (Do it yourself) tortilla press is made at home. Wood is the main ingredient here. In this article, we will guide you on how to make a home-made tortilla press. Therefore, try to grasp the instructions given below. Let’s get started!

Materials and Instruments

You will need a wooden panel, wood dowel, wingnut, carriage bolt, pin hinge and screws, mineral oil, wood clamps, etc. The required instruments are- types of saws, electric drills, and a drill bit. Some additional tools and materials are- chopping board oil, sandpaper, a sanding machine, wood glue, etc.

With these materials and using the instruments correctly, you will be able to make your own made tortilla press. Now let’s get into the manufacturing process.

How to Make DIY Tortilla Press?

After collecting all the raw materials and instruments, it is time to move to the next step. You have to saw the whole wooden panel into some specific parts. Look on the internet or browse youtube for some tutorials in this regard. Try to follow the instructions to get it all done.

Done with the sawing part, you will be getting- a bottom and top board, support bars, press bar, and handles. These parts will be necessary for building the tortilla press. So, make sure you cut the pieces very carefully with accurate measurements.

DIY Tortilla Press

Now that you got the single parts after sawing the wooden panel, it’s time to glue the parts together. Wait for a couple of minutes to make sure the glue has been hardened, and all the pieces are perfectly attached.

Accidentally, the parts may not fit with each other. In that case, try using a sandpaper or a sanding machine to make the sides equal.

You have to connect a top and bottom board with two hinges. Now, make holes using a drill machine on support bars and handle. After that, add them together with bolt and nut. You need to place the presser bar on the top board and use glue to attach them.

Take two screws and wood glue and attach the two support bars at the backside of the bottom board. Now that all the procedures are done let the glue hardened for a while. Congratulations! You have just made your home-made tortilla press.

Advantages of a DIY Tortilla Press

Based on our research and according to a foodieswiki blog, home-made tortillas beat any kind of store-bought tortillas in both taste and smell.

A home-made tortilla press increases the quality of tortilla since the press has been manufactured naturally. The whole procedure is affordable. Now, with this tortilla press, you can make any kinds of tortilla dishes in your kitchen.


Making your tortilla press isn’t a problem anymore since you got the above instructions in this article. You can easily avoid the hassle of choosing a good press in the market because you can make it easily in your home. Thank you for your patience in reading. Hopefully, it was beneficial for you.