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How to Clean the Filter on Slide Out Range Hood Under Cabinet?

How to Clean the Filter on Slide Out Range Hood Under Cabinet

Filters on your range hood can get very dirty very quickly here’s why we are going to tell you today how easy it is to remove the filters and do a comprehensive cleaning on range hoods.

The Process

Very simple, now this task should take you less than a minute or two. What you’re going to do is remove the baffle filters. You’re going to put those in the dishwasher and you’re going to remove the grease tray, clean that up and then we’re also going to tell you how to remove the blower fan.

The first thing, the first step, slide the trays up and towards the front first and then pull them out. Now again, those will go right in the dishwasher and what you going to want to do is remove this greased pan.

Now if you’re in a greasy environment, you’ve cooked a lot you’d have some condensation. For the average cooking environment, you can go for years without cleaning this but we recommend generally about once a year so you would just put this in your sink warm, soapy water.

Clean it out and then re-install it, make sure it’s dry definitely check it out. Now that we’ve removed baffle filters, many models especially low-profile hoods have a dual motor, dual fan system, and so it draws the air from both sides of the hood that’s the best way to have it so that you get an even distribution of airflow.

Now the idea here is we’re going to remove the screws to bring down this protective cover and we’re going to undo the center hub to remove the fan. You may use a drill or screwdriver. Remove these three screws then you may pull down the protective cover.

And then you have a center hub here and what you’ll do on the center hub, it will show you which direction to loosen tight because some of them were threaded in reverse so this was threaded in reverse and then we want to just pull this down.

Now the reason that you’d want to do this is let’s say that you have a barbecue environment, let’s say that you’re using this in an outside environment, let’s say you have a lot of smoke a lot of real greasy, dirty environment, you’ll get buildup on these blades.

That’ll reduce the airflow. It’ll increase the noise and it’ll also reduce motor life on the fan. These are designed to last a lifetime

Now, this can go in the dishwasher with your baffle filters. The other reason we’re showing this to you is that occasionally, every once in a while, center nuts, come loose during shipping and you’ll be able to hear it so just remember that so if you ever you have to change this if you have a noise or rubbing sound, you probably need to go in and tighten the nut.

To End

A lot of users after the first cleaning will simply leave the protective cover off the protective covers actually in place because before we had baffle filters, they used to hang a grease cup from right here.

We don’t need that anymore because the grease now collects in the grease cup in the back and the baffle filter but we still have a lot of models that still have the protective cover to meet, just to protect the users from putting their hand in there when the motors running. We’ve cleaned our grease tray.

Our Grease tray back right back up in there. Grease tray slides in the very back with the thin at the back. Now we take our filters. Again, we’re going to put in the back start in the center, back first and then down and slide them over.

There you have it. It’s really that easy. It takes about five minutes to clean your range hood. Do it once or twice a year depending on Your use and where you have it and it will give you years of trouble-free service. Good Luck.