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How To Choose The Proper Tire Changer?

How To Choose The Proper Tire Changer

Choosing the best tire changer for your workshop is certainly a very important work to do, right? But it seems like a daunting task sometimes because the market for tire changers is full of a variety of manufacturers and brands.

There are different types of tire changer designed to meet the needs of specific works. Each of these brands tries their best to achieve the top position of the marketplace and gain the trust and loyalty of buyers.

Here we are to help you give some guidance on how to choose the proper tire changer for your vehicles.

So, see our advice below.

Know The Dimension Of The Tires

It’s very important to know the size and type of wheels before choosing a tire changer. It helps you in shopping for the right one.

Check the rim diameter of the tires that you want to be changed. Generally, 20-22 inch diameter is the most common measurement for wheels.

Know The Type Of Tire

If you know the types of wheels that you want to replace, you’ll have a clear idea of the tire changer which you needed.

You will also consider the fact that if you want to specialize in run-flat tires. Such special tires types need particular tire changers because the usual models can’t be able to handle that properly.

Electric vs Air

You have the option to choose from both electric and air-powered tire changers. Both have specific features, but we recommended the electric model.

You can operate very easily with this model and it’s also less expensive than air powered tire changers.

Choose The Voltage Setup For Tire Changer

Most of the brands give you the option between 110 and 220 volts setup to run a tire changer. But you should keep in mind some issues before choosing the voltage setup.

That is, set up and installation process for 110 volts is very easy but the 220-volt setup is safer and efficient. The 220-volt setup helps you when you changing tougher tires because it gives the tire changers a lot more strength.

And if you want to avoid all of this process, you can simply use a manual tire changer. Manual tire changer buying guide is common topics in many sites. So, you can read them to find more info.

Choose A Power-Operated Assist Tool If Needed

Most of the modern tire is tougher than the past. So, if you handle these types of tires in your shop, you must want to equip your tire changer with a power-operated assist tool. Now question is, what these tools do?

A power-operated assist tool helps you to do any technician change to the tire much easier and safer. And also this tool will increase the productivity of your workshop.

In Conclusion

When you determine to choose a tire changer for your workshop, make sure you choose the right one that will benefit you for a long time.

We hope this article is informative enough to know how to choose the proper tire changer.

We wish you a happy shopping!