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How To Choose Between Oxy-Fuel And Plasma Cutting?

How To Choose Between Oxy-Fuel And Plasma Cutting

Metal welding is one of the major tasks in manufacturing companies, construction sites, and other farms. There are different types of ways of welding metals.

Of them, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting are mentioned. Both systems have their own characteristics hence advantages and disadvantages nevertheless.

Sometimes a question arises that which one is the best and how to choose one between two. Well, mainly it depends on factors such as metal type, thickness, power resource, etc. The location of the job is also one of the major factors that decide which is better than the other.

In this article, we will be focusing on the selection of oxy-fuels and plasma cutting based on different situations and factors. We will also describe other important topics related to both of these cutting methods. So, let’s hop into the topic without any further delay.

What Is An Oxy-Fuel Cutting System?

This is a process by which we weld or cut metals using fuel gas and oxygen. This system is widely used for cutting any kind of metals. It is also known as ‘torch cutting’ or ‘flame cutting’ system. This process that is the cutting system is done with the help of oxidizing.

The oxy-fuel cutting system has the ability to cut thicker metal plates and is versatile for the fact that it can weld, braze, solder, heat, and gouge.

What Is A Plasma Cutting System?

Plasma cutting is a process where welding and cutting are being done by the help of plasma that is an ionized gas and conducts electricity. This process can be applied to any kind of metals.

The main power source is the electricity and the gas used is compressed air. With more energy, the plasma becomes hotter and helps in quick cutting and welding of metal.

A Plasma cutter is mainly used to make thinner cuts from metal plates. This system is comparatively easier than the oxy-fuel cutting system.

How to Choose Between Oxy-fuel and Plasma Cutting?

We have done comprehensive research and come up with our conclusion on this topic. We will discuss the field application of both systems that will make you realize which one you should choose for what purpose.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Plasma Cutting: When You Should Consider Using The System

The first and foremost thing you have to know that, this system is specialized for cutting thinner metal plates. This system is suitable for cutting metals and gouging them. You will be needing a great number of electric sources for efficient output. This machine is portable because of less weight and can be used anywhere.

How To Choose Between Oxy-Fuel And Plasma Cutting

It can also be used at various job sites where powerful generators or motor-driven welders are available. Another advantage of the plasma cutting system is that it can cut through non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel.

This process will give you maximum speed than any other welding systems and is highly effective. Precise cut with minimal slag makes this process clean and the speed saves up your time.

So, you should consider the plasma cutting system on these factors:

  • For cutting thinner metal plates.
  • Minimal cleaning hassles.
  • Effective and efficient cutting process.
  • For both home (out in the lawn or garage) and outside (industries, construction sites) use.
  • For cutting non-ferrous substances that are widely used nowadays.

Oxy-fuel cutting System: When You Should Consider Using The Process

Fixitman Blog says, When it comes to cut thicker metal plates, the oxy-fuel cutting system always leads one step forward than the other welding and cutting processes. This is a versatile process that can do many jobs.

The oxy-fuel cutting system does not depend on any primary power source that makes it highly portable. Some of the oxy-fuel tanks weigh in between 30-35 pounds and hence it is easily portable for cutting ventures.

This system is only applicable to ferrous substances that include iron-containing metals. The process is also fast and saves up your precious time. There are some special jobs including heat shaping, fusion welding of ferrous substances, riser cutting, etc.

Now, you should consider the below factors on choosing the oxy-fuel cutting process:

  • For cutting thicker metal plates.
  • For cutting ferrous such as iron-based materials.
  • The best thing to use outside the home because no primary energy source is required and for being portable.
  • Suitable for effective and efficient cutting.
  • High speed will save up most of your time.

Final Verdict

Finally, it’s up to you which system you should choose based on metals and your way of use. Money, time, portability, etc. are also some parameters that will make you choose one between the two. All you need is to look at the features and make a choice.

Oxy-fuel system is acclaimed across the world for its being versatile. But the plasma cutter is getting more popularity for its latest technologies and less price. That’s all.


So, here was the whole article that gave insight on how to choose between oxy-fuel and plasma cutting systems. We have given our final verdict based on the whole discussion. Thanks for the patience reading. Adios!