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How Much Is A Foosball Table?

How Much Is A Foosball Table

As you have wanted to know the price of the foosball table, it is good to guess that you have enjoyed playing foosball at your friend’s or cousin’s place. Foosball is getting popular day by day. You can see it in television series like “friends” and also in the gaming house of a community.

So, it is nice to have a foosball on your own so that when friends are coming over to stay, then you can enjoy the time by playing a couple of rounds of foosball.

In this article, we are going to briefly describe the price range and the features that you should know before buying one. It is short, precise and you can read this article on your way to the store.

You can get a foosball table at $20 to $4000. Why such a difference? It depends on the foosball table dimension, durability and the quality of the table. Before buying, you should know what you are paying for.

If you are looking for a decent home model foosball table, then we will recommend you to spend in the price range of $700-$1,200. In this price range, you can get a fine quality piece that will last for years. And the benefit you will be getting will just not only the durability of the table.

The price gives you the collection of quality parts that comes with this table. However, if you are planning to buy a used foosball table, then you may get it up to 50-80% of the original price range. This actually depends on the quality of the foosball table and the current condition of the table.

Foosball Table

Before you go shopping, first think about the market price, your requirements, and your budget. There are various brands that sell a foosball table. There are cheap ones, expensive ones, a fancy one, and whatnot. It all depends on what you want to buy.

For example, if you are planning to buy it for your kids, then it is good to buy it under $100. Because if your kids do not like it, it will end up in the corner of the room. So, rather spending more than $100, you can spend some money and if your kids do not like it, then donate it away.

The foosball table that ranges from $500-1000, it is likely to have some good quality features. It will have durable arrangements, counterbalanced players, steel rods, cup holders, leg levels etc. These features vary with models and brands. So, you may want to look for your favorite one at the store.

There are so many features to look at when you want to buy a foosball table. It all depends on your budget and your preference to buy. With all the durable features, the price of the foosball table goes up. So, whether you are buying it for your little boys or you want to buy it for arranging a tournament, get some information about different brands and then buy one!