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Cast Iron vs Fireclay Farmhouse Sink: What to choose?

Farmhouse sink cast iron vs fireclay

When it comes to deciding between buying a cast iron sink and a fireclay sink, the battle becomes head to head. You have to consider numerous things before choosing the perfect one for you. The materials of the sink, ways to clean it, the cost, size and, durability, etc. can have a great effect on your decision.

Let’s examine all the advantages and disadvantages of both of the sinks from a comparative point of view. I hope you will be able to make your final decision rightfully with the help of Waterpebble.com. As they have extensively reviewed the best farmhouse sinks out there.

What are they made of?

Cast Iron is one of the most common materials used in making kitchen utensils. You already have bought one or two cast iron pots or pans for your kitchen, I guess. The same material is used for making farmhouse sinks too.

Cast iron is an alloy of iron-containing 2-4% carbon. A kind of iron naming ‘Pig Iron’ is heated until it melts. Then it is poured into a holding furnace. Next, the mold receives a heavy porcelain enamel finish to prevent rusting, unlike the bare iron.

Fireclay is a material made from clay, glazed and fired at a red-hot temperature to produce a heavy-duty and highly durable product. Then it is fused with enamel to increase its power to the next level. Fireclay farmhouse sinks are popular for their extreme durability in all conditions.

How can you clean it?

One of the disadvantages of the cast iron farmhouse sink is that it is prone to damage if you use an abrasive cleaner. An abrasive cleaner means a mechanical cleaner composed of sandpaper, steel wool, and scrubbing pads, etc. having more salt elements. They act as very strong cleaners on the surface of a cast iron sink and so the enamel gets damaged.

But the fireclay sinks show a better result than their cast iron counterpart in case of using an abrasive cleaner on it. The glaze and clay of the fireclay element combined together can handle tough cleaners. But you have to use gentle cleaners and soft sponges in case of cleaning a cast iron sink.


Another important factor about the cast iron farmhouse sink is its weight. They are usually heavier than the Fireclay sinks. Basically, the farmhouse sinks are installed balancing on the cabinetries underneath them, having no other support from the countertops.

But due to a heavier weight, the cast iron sinks need extra support under them. The fireclay sinks weigh lighter than the cast iron ones and thus they are free from this extra hassle.

Available Colors

The cast iron farmhouse sinks are available in white, almond, bone, biscuit, platinum and black colors. Simplicity in their design is a unique aesthetic feature of the cast iron sinks.

On the other hand, you can find fireclay farmhouse sinks in a limited color pallet only such as white, black or blue, etc. But If you are looking for sink models with a unique design or beautiful patterns on the front apron, fireclay sinks will be a perfect fit for you.

Does it get stained?

Out of all other features to consider, this one is the most important one. As a sink is going to be used for washing and cleaning dishes and glass-wares, it is prone to get water spots. But such strains and scratches are surely going to diminish the aesthetic look of your expensive kitchen tool.

The nice thing about the cast iron sink is that it will not stain or show any wear from watermarks over time. Over time, the color of the sink won’t be faded too. But in case of fireclay sinks, without regular maintenance, the designs of the front apron and the surface can get water stains over the years.


In the test of durability, a fireclay farmhouse sink is quite unbeatable. Due to its building mechanism, fireclay sinks are extremely durable, strong and scratch-resistant. Even if it gets exposed to scratch marks, the white surface color easily covers them up making them unnoticeable.

But it becomes a little troublesome in the case of cast iron sinks. With a long time of usage, the scratches can chip away the surface enamel exposing the bare iron. Thus, it causes iron to rust. 

Cost of the Sink?

After reading all the features mentioned above, you may still be confused about what will be the best choice for you within your budget? If you are quite a restraint on your budget, you can go for the cast iron sinks at ease.

They are less expensive than the fireclay sinks but still, the quality and service of it will be extremely better than all other materials. The fireclay sinks are the high-end budget products and will be a perfect fit for you if you are more into the luxurious looks with sustainable quality.