Most of us have an opinion or assumption about models and it’s most likely going to be based on their physicality alone. Many women want to be them, many women are jealous of them or judge them,  some even have a ‘favourite’ one but however omnipresent models are, the nature of the job is to seen and not necessarily heard.

Very few of us are asking ‘what is it like to look ‘perfect’?

I find this extremely odd. Why you might say-aren’t they just paid for their looks alone?

I find it extremely odd because so may women (& so many models) either aspire to, or go to extreme physical lengths in an attempt to achieve this particular body type (regardless of whether it is their body type). They also spend millions on hope in the form of creams, cosmeceuticals and surgery to try and replicate cover girl complexions, pouts, noses and cheekbones. Models have the prototype body upon which fashion is based upon and seduce the world into spending billions on clothing. Models are the modern physical representation of female ‘perfection’.

In my industry-fashion- the top ten models become superstars whilst still in their early twenties, before they’ve even truly grown up as women, before getting the opportunities that create an environment in which to garner any sense of their real selves, never actually living without continual projection from powerful personalities, usually twice their age. Models- who are they?

I find it extremely odd that no one seems to want to ask what it’s actually like to ‘look perfect’ . To actually look like the ideal. Look like the diet that actually succeeded. Look like the face where the lifting/anti-ageing/sculpting anti-cellulite cream actually worked.

Surely there’s some curiosity to wonder what it feels like to look like the end result of what many women spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to be. The ads are everywhere, we are buying loads of this stuff, yet we’re not asking those who actually possess the mythical, physical happy-ever-after? Yes, I find it odd.

Does it actually make you happier than looking ordinary and average. Are you loved more? Is life really easier and if so, how? What does it feel like for people to make so many assumptions of you?

There are so many questions. Here, Cameron Russell opens the lid a little on a subject that could do with being explored a whole lot more.

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3 Responses to A Model TedTalk with Cameron Russell

  1. This video was absolutely fascinating – honest, refreshing and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely talk, I really loved the messages x

  3. Emma D says:

    Well done Kay…another post that sums up what we actually feel. Thought Camerons talk was brilliant, refreshing and extremely intelligent.In a way models and movie stars are a projection of our desires and fantasies of a better life. The real people behind these projections are actually as human and flawed as the rest of us, even for those that look like the gorgeous Cameron does naturally. I think we all need to be a bit kinder on ourselves and not always assume the grass would be greener if we were a bit thinner, prettier, younger. Accepting oneself for what one is, good and bad is the most attractive thing of all and the real beautifier in life.

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