Make-Up needn’t be seen as a corrective or something to hide behind. I see it as another form of expression and acceptance, even pleasure, of being in one’s skin, in all it’s diversity.

Dear reader,

With this blog I hope to entertain, inform, and if I’m really lucky, inspire.

I also wish to create a platform for ideas that are not necessarily what you’d expect from ‘a beauty blog’ and I love having guest posters gathered from the wonderful tribe of free-thinking women I’ve been fortunate enough to meet along the way.

Beauty represents many things to many people. I love exploring these themes. I love challenging conventional ideas of beauty and how women are portrayed by, and within the media. I’m inspired by those who think outside the box, by those who seek to create a more expansive and liberated world for us. Women who are not frightened to be called a feminist for fear of losing their ‘femininity’ and appreciate what feminists have done to give us liberties that we must never take for granted,

I could never define my ‘makeup signature’ as I’ve worked through so many periods of strong trends, completely different faces, points of views and cultures. I’m most proud of the difficulty in pigeonholing my career and it’s diversity and I wish to pass on the experiential knowledge and discuss fashion, beauty and the heritage of style whilst trying to incorporate the stuff beneath the surface from time to time too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Moving back to the surface, trends, to me, are about random collective consciousness, and in my opinion, are best inspired by the slightly subversive. But to be honest with you, I find ‘trends’ as a concept increasing tiresome (beauty journalists can probably hear my eyes actually rolling when they ask me ‘how to instruct women to wear the trends’). I’ve always been more influenced by cultural trends via music/art/street culture/politics than trends invented by journalists in front rows or from style.com to make good copy- but to be fair, that is the simplest way in which to ‘sell’ something ‘new’-that is-to create desire.


Back to the non-biting-ones-lips FUN part. To be able to create or report trends it’s kind of essential to have a genuine interest in 20th/21st century film, music and photographic references that could range from anything like Truffaut, Bunuel, Avedon or Helmut Newton to Grace Jones, Francois Hardy or Cindy Sherman-whatever rocks YOUR world. Without a point of view,  make-up is just pots of paint. In order to get anything interesting out of them it’s important to know about references and be a total geek about detail, from the texture of an actress’s skin in a particular film to the shape of her lips in another. The best artists I’ve met in the industry naturally absorb these finite details simply by osmosis. Or maybe they’re just bonkers like me.

Being a make-up artist in fashion is about re-interpretation, re-creation, taking lots of ideas and putting them together in as original a way as possible. This is what helps keep fashion fresh, exciting and ever-evolving. In the words of one Italian fashion editor “you have to bring something to the shoot’.

Further readingHow to become a make-up artistclick here

Hope you enjoy the blog, come back again soon!

Agent Contact info: For anything work related contact james@dandvmanagement.com or emma@dandvmanagement.com



  1. Rachel

    Wonderful to finally be able to read about the concept of ‘beauty’ in an intelligent and insightful way with a stylish dash of humour .

  2. Loving the blog, Kay! Can’t wait to read more x

  3. Wishing you many ‘adventures’ Kay, blog so far is a great read! Truly worth waiting for.

  4. juliet Maingay Cooper

    Love your classy, clever and grown up site. Makes me want to throw on some heels, apply some crimson lippy and hit the dance floor!

  5. I love your blog, it really is such an inspiration! I also wrote a post about you on my blog, btw.

  6. Ana

    Love your website, I can’t wait to read more and more <:) I hope to get there as a makeup artist, working in fashion with that amazing and professional people. Thank you!


  7. Olivia

    It’s so impressive. It’s brilliant. Loved reading your blog.

  8. Where exactly is the facebook like button ?

  9. fantastic blog! as a writer & filmmaker i feel the same way about ‘hyper-real’ image being industry standard. i just produced a feature film called ‘perfection’ about body image and self-injury, plastic surgery and the media’s ideal of beauty and perfection. http://perfectionthemovie.wordpress.com i will check back to your blog, can’t wait to read more!

  10. LOVE your blog Kay! Beautifully put together, not surprising you are one of my original style gurus! SXXX

  11. Amie

    Hi Kay I kniow this may seem a bit random but is there anyway I could get an email to you re: assisting. I’m at LCF at the moment studying a degree in Hair & Make-up for Fashion and just read your How to become a MAKE-UP artist…? and found it very insperational!
    Amie x

  12. Hi Kay

    Great blog, love your writing style.

    I’d love to get back in touch with you – do you remember that when you were writing columns for the Mail I used to handle PR for Jane Iredale mineral make-up and Environ Skin Care at an agency? I now work for them in-house and am not sure if you are getting my messages on the old email I have for you. Best wishes, Lindsay Stewart

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  14. I read your article on The Model Alliance and wanted to discuss interviewing you on make up and beauty if you are interested?

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  20. Sunshine

    Hi, can you please list the names and colors of cosmetics you used in this video? Some of it is hard to read as the video moves fast. Thanks


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