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Eva Herzigova, a beauty story

Eva Herzigova was discovered at a Czech beauty pageant and went on to become one of the most memorable models of the nineties with the Guess Campaign and that traffic-halting billboard Wonderbra campaign-both shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, for whom she has been a frequent and valuable muse.

I love working with Eva, she’s such a pro and always has such a sweet energy.

We’ve done a variety of work together over the years and like all of the ‘supers’, you can really collaborate with her- women like Eva have worked with the absolute best after all, confidently knowing what works and what doesn’t so you never waste valuable creative time. Having said that, we were laughing as the fear struck when I moved towards her with my favourite ‘vintage Palm Beach heiress’ coloured lipsticks for the Sunday Times Style shoot below. The excellent Jem Mitchell was at the lens though the STS used just 2 pictures in the end, so I thought I’d post them all together.

More Eva love coming soon..I found some old behind the scenes snaps and some film footage…starring Vincent Cassell.

Hair: Karin Bigler at D+V Management

Nails Adam Slee at Streeters

Thanks to Christabel Draffin aka for being an excellent Pru

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