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Daisy Lowe interview

I’ve not spent much time with Daisy but every time I have, for some odd reason it’s been extremely glamorous.

The first time we met was whilst being filmed at Chanel on New Bond St for London’s very first Fashion’s Night Out.

The next time I saw Daisy we did Vogue together, which, by the way was also filmed.

The third time I saw Daisy was for the red carpet at The Savoy for The Fashion Awards though however glamorous the event was, this time we weren’t filmed.


 I wonder what will be next…


 Where are you?
On a shoot for Margot Bowman‘s new line of painted clothes  

What are you up to at the moment?
I’ve just finished filming my first film and now back into the thick of the fashion industry…

What did you want to be when you grew up?
a lawyer, a bio chemist, a makeup artist or an actress

Who was your style or beauty icon when you were an early teen?
Britney Spears and Christina Ricci.



What did they represent to you at the time?
Britney was the ultimate girl next door, with obvious hints of sexuality! Christina Ricci was for my deeper darker side…

Who are your favourite heroes/heroines of fiction?
Alabama Worely from True Romance, Carol Ann Duffy and Rusty Parker from Cover Girl

Favourite books?
Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy, the help, the mastery of love by Don Miguel Ruiz

Favourite films
True Romance.An American in Paris. Withnail and I.

What do you like about twitter? It keeps me up to date with the rest of the world…

Where do you find inspiration?
In a walk, watching films, in my friends, books, old photographs…

Where do you find peace?
In my bedroom and in the countryside.

If You could have a dream job just for today only, what would it be?
It would be quite fun to be a pilot, or an astronaut…

Any creative outlets that you’d like to pursue that you haven’t already?
Id love to get up on stage sometime, get over my nerves and sing or do some theatre.

What quality do you most admire in a woman?
Maternal instinct… Women just look after people in a way that men could never even comprehend…

What quality do you most admire in a man?
Their strength….

In what ways has your life turned out as planned?
I never planned it… But its treated me well!

What aspects of womanhood would you like to see represented more in the media?
Rather than gossiping about how bad women look it would be wonderful for women to show some sisterhood and look after one another! Championing women for their feminine bodies and features. No more circling of spots or lines or flab please !

With Helena Christensen

Which women inspire you now?  Emma-Stone-004
Emma Stone is a very inspiring young lady, she’s always so kind about other women. My mum inspires me daily with her strength and creativity. She always demonstrates how to be a wonderful friend.

If money were now absolutely no object, how would you live your life?
Id just travel and see every corner of the planet… With Monty my Maltese terrier too :)  






 In one word, what does the world need most right now?
J o y

Who makes you laugh?
My faithful personal trainer Nic at Eqvvs… She rips the piss out of me on a daily basis n never fails to make roll around giggling.

FLUFF Where do you like buying clothes?





I like Portobello market, Relik, Samaya Ling vintage and vintage shops in Somerset; Poot is amazing in Frome.

How do you wear your make-up?
I’m enjoying being quite natural at the moment, light Chanel Vitalumiere base, bit of Bobbi Brown eye brightener under the eyes and around the nose or Laura Mercier concealer,                               

then a little bit of Bobbi Brown shimmer brick on my cheekbones. Sisley Lip Balm.



















Pureology hydration shampoo and conditioner
Kevin Murphy Powder Puff Volumising Powder


FOOD What are your signature dishes?




I make a great Spaghetti Bolognese, and a mean roast dinner.

Daisy and her sister

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