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I’d like to introduce you to my new community site,

a portal where I celebrate inspiring people (women so far, men are not excluded!) who are not necessarily in beauty, fashion or film, but think positively and progressively, who are a force for change, and whose values I share and would like to share with you.

Now that I’m a fashion veteran (ouch), I’m curious to make manifest the experiences both I and other women have encountered from the world of beauty, image making and icon-creating; a world full of expression, artistry, promises, hope, fantasy, all in collaboration and depending on your projection, more or less than that.

Officially my job description of ‘make-up artist’ largely consists of it being ‘about an eye or a lip, or both?’ However, unofficially, everyone in the biz knows that the make-up artists who do well are those that are the confidante, the sister, best friend, mum, healer, person with the plasters, painkillers and a filthy sense of humour. Knowing whether it’s an eye, a lip, or both helps too, but not always or necessarily.

What better place to learn about psychology (Freud would have had a field day with fashion people) and geography? I’ve been to places I’d never have discovered had noses not needed powdering, met people as mad as a March hare, as thick as two planks and as bright as a button.

I’m in the myth-making business and I couldn’t have concocted a more intriguing vantage point even if I tried really hard. I love contradictions and I love exploring them, that’s where the best ideas are.

In fact, I have met many of the women I’ll feature within this industry, all equally curious and eager to live authentically, whilst coming from a world that is more versed in exploring the possibilities of our surface rather than how that surface affects us at all.

How we can use that surface in a more powerful way, to emancipate, celebrate and include?

I’m inspired by people who use their profile in the most effective way and use their power to influence the best, rather than the least in us. I’m not interested in endorsing the judgement of other women or parading their personal lives just because they have a public profile. I just think we’re all a lot happier as individuals when we don’t.

I’d like to see more style meet substance (I’m fortunate that magazines did a lot more of that in my youth) though I’ve decided that, rather than becoming an old bat banging on about things’ being different in my day‘, I’d just create my own platform where I discuss people who I think have style and substance instead.

It’s ever evolving but these are some of the ideas that I think are worth sharing.

Do you have an idea worth sharing or wish to contribute written work to my community page? If so I’d love to hear from you.. kay@kaymontano.com

click here to see my community site.

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  1. This is a fantastic idea! It’s about time we heard about women, the brains behind it all and celebrate it.

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