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The weekly Kaydar

By Emma Skipper

The sun is beaming down outside today and it’s making me feel all sprightly, hence today my makeup choices are reflecting this with a selection of cosmetics that will put a spring in your step… because guess what, you don’t have to wear a coat outside. And that, my friends, is a glorious truth.

Firstly we’ve got the most divine ‘candy coral (Kay and I have copyrighted that thank you very much) lippy shade from Topshop makeup. It’s real name is Charmed and it’s a keeper.

We’ve got a treat for the eyes this week as Illamasqua’s Fundamental Palette came through the letterbox earlier. It’s neon heaven with an ultra violet shade, aqua marine, Sunflower yellow and super cool, molten silver cream. Plus it’s got a massive mirror, which always has me sold.

Following on with those colour themes we’ve got a newbie on the scene with Bourjois’ latest foundation; 123 Perfect. Now it’s selling point is that is has three pigments in the formula that combat dark circles, redness and dullness… I’m not 100% sold on this but regardless of the blurb it is a really lovely foundation and doesn’t cost the world. It’s slightly more matte than their last Healthy Mix Serum and would be great for younger skin looking for a touch of shine control without looking caked.

Another one for the eyes comes with the staple Bourjois Smoky Eye in Ultra Black. It’s super soft and great if you’re looking for a versatile eye pencil that doesn’t cost the earth.

For cheeks we’ve come across this fab little pot of cheek colour from Susan Posnik in Lotus Sun. The shade would be great for slightly sunkissed skin and comes with the cutest applicator sponge attached to the pot.

Both Kay and I are eyebrow pencil nuts and they’re so important for this season’s trends. Kay came across this amazing brow pencil from By Terry and it’s got one of the best all-round colour balances out there.

Our penultimate product comes in the form of Shu Uemura’s new range with kimono artist Mamechiyo and the packaging design screams summer. We’ve been sent the UV under base mousse and we’re fans. The formula is very thin and although it applies quite pale, it soon sinks in leaving no trace at all. The best thing is that as it’s not a oily base (unlike most suncreams) and it’s non-comodegenic (i.e. non-pore-clogging and therefore doesn’t encourage pimples) so is the perfect thing for people that want high factor sun screen without building up too many product layers on the skin. Roll on summer.

Lastly we’ve got a great little product in Darcy’s Botanticals Natural Coils Daily Leave In Conditioning Mist.

This one’s great for women with curly hair or for women of colour as it gives an amazing boost of hydration to the ends and reactivates curls post-shampoo, or even between washes. Kay uses it straight after shampooing and just twists her hair in sections leaving it soft, curly and manageable




See you for more next week.


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  1. Ooooh love the look of that Illamasqua palette! I’m so into brights at the moment.

    • Yeh! I was lucky to be invited =) I wanna try their creme busehlr and lipgloss too! But,! :( @Jadegrrrl: Thanks love. It was nice meeting you too. :) @blushfully by cendana: You totally should cos Sydney IS awesome :) Apparently they are expanding all across Australia, so you might be able to find it in your MYER in no time :) @Cydia: It was awesome! I love tearose! And I WISH I CAN GO TO NYC TOOOOOO

    • Wow, nice! It was quite a nice read and gosh you really make me wish I live in Sydney too hahhaa… I haven’t heard anything as exciting here in Brisbane and they don’t seem to hold many of those kinds of events :( time will tell :)

  2. Laura

    These posts are fantastic and really helpful.
    The cheek pot looks so handy- is that a mirror i see on the lid?

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