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How To Get The Look: Miss Piggy

I had the pleasure of working on one of my childhood beauty icons Miss Piggy on a press junket recently. As we talked satin dresses, nylon wigs and how all men were pigs, I asked her what we’re all thinking-how does she manage to stay looking so young, slim and toned, and also, for my fellow cosmetically obsessed friends, HOW TO GET HER LOOK.

Miss Piggy, what everyone wants to know is-how do you stay looking so young?

You know, it’s weird, I get asked this all the time and the thing is, I don’t know! Between my last movie and my new one, I was kind of uh, stuck in a cupboard for a while you know? But my publicist said I needn’t mention that , cut that part out- NOW.

Fashion Icon, below

So tell me about your make-up, it’s been around so long that it’s actually bang on trend again!

I know, everyone keeps saying that! I’ve never followed trends, I just make them. I LOVE my face to feel and look like felt, to hell with this dewy, transparent finish, I want COVERAGE dammit! I apply ample helpings of Mineral Powder as I love the way it mattes out my face with it’s super-dense texture. also- can we discuss the way that my ‘ten-coats-of-beige’ skin has become THE reference point for retouching skin nowadays? They caught on -finally! Who wants to look like they’ve got real skin? One word- euuhww. And I love how the new generation of celebrities are so heavily influenced by me! Kim Kardashian has totally ripped off my make-up look, but I see it as more of an homage. As for the- what are they called- WAGS? Hellooo- who raided Piggy’s dressing room ladies? No, seriously, it’s the highest form of flattery.

Your eyes always look beautiful, are those, um, real lashes?

OF COURSE THEY ARE HYYY (KM dodges a hefty right hander) YAAH!

I just accentuate them with an industrial strength mascara made especially for me by Max Factor himself, who I was seeing at the time -but that’s giving away my age-cut that OUT!

Any hair tips Miss Piggy? Your big 70′s hair has never looked so modern! Are you a natural blonde?

Well, let’s just say I’m of the Dolly Parton school and just buy it off the peg, I ‘put on and go‘.  I have a lot of them (wigs), in every shade of the only hair colour worth having- BLONDE!

Below with Meryl Streep at a celebrity do.

I know you once had a fitness video, how do you stay in such great shape-any diet tips Miss Piggy?


When a girl has a perfect figure like mine, she has no use for that ugly four letter word. Kermit loooves my curves.

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