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Paris part 1. Night night Chanel

When you travel a lot for work, you can get a tad spoiled in the the travel and hotel dept. But they do make such a difference to a job-juggling mua’s attitude. Especially when so much of our lives are spent in transit.

A bad hotel (and I’ve stayed in more than my fair share to ‘earn’ a Ms Fusspot title) can make you feel quite lonely and confined- not conducive to providing fabulously warm energy on the shoot (imperitive as a make-up artist) the following day.

So I was pleased when I saw that the call sheet for my cover shoot (with Salma Hayek and Patrick Demarchelier) said I’d be staying at Hotel Castille on Rue Cambon for 2 nights.

It’s also next door to a lovely clothes store called Chanel. In fact, the original flagship store at 31 Rue Cambon, bought by Mme Chanel in 1910 to house her business.

The Chanel boutique is on the ground floor, haute couture is on the first, and the apartment on the second is where Mm Chanel herself once played host and entertained.

On the third floor is the atelier, and is where Karl now does much of his work. The building is topped with a rooftop garden with supposedly the best views in Paris.

Being next door, Hotel Castille is very well located , a short walk from the Jardin Des Tuilleries and Place Vendome. And Chanel-did I say that already?

For those (like me) who need to work off the world’s most irresistibly refined carbohydrates and dairy produce-ever, there’s a fitness room.

Hotel Castille.

The welcoming surroundings as you enter..











The lighting..

The colour of the walls, the mix of traditional and contemporary style is something that the French often master so well.

Night night.

Visit the website for more details HERE

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