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   Which cosmetic product beginning with ‘F’ makes your skin look more perfect yet is often badly chosen/applied/both/not used at all?  Yes, it’s foundation.

This misunderstood product gets such a bad rap. It’s fair to say it’s the member of the make-up mélange with the most ‘baggage’.


We’ve all seen women wear A: too much of it, B: Worn in a shade completely unrepresentative of it’s user or C: In the suede Mattel –look, seen on the Kardashians. Katie Price, newsreaders (the men more than the women sometimes), everyone on X Factor, Big Brother and ‘the top shelf’.

Is the reason you don’t wear foundation any of the above? Or are you just lucky enough to have beautiful skin? Whatever the reason, I find most women would rather leave their skin bare than have an obviously alien canvas replace their complexion.

However, if you follow my suggestions below, you may become a convert.

1st, try one of my following favourites:

MyMix by (also available at larger Boots). Dewy-looking. Appropriate for all ages/skin types/nationalities.
Chanel Vitalumiere. Moisture-rich, great if you are over 25 or have dry skin.
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua if you need less coverage than the above.
Chanel Perfection Lumiere. Natural –looking coverage, less dewy than the above.
Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral with SPF 10 for smooth creamy coverage.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light for light coverage-with staying power.
ALL of these foundations come in olive-based tones, which are the most like real skin.

Who hasn’t got a drawer full of make-up they’ve NEVER USED?

Foundation is the usual suspect found in drawer 101.

Armed with a pocket mirror, go to one of the above brand’s counters and apply the 3 shades that look closest to your skin tone on your lower jaw (or neck if you are a very different tone from face- neck). Go OUTSIDE.

Foundation-revelation number 1: The light in department stores is most likely the reason you’ve been buying the wrong colour all of these years!

Do not part with your cash or card until you find a colour that lies seamlessly against your own skin on your lower cheek (or neck-see above).

I like to use a sponge; some MUA’s like to use a brush. Beginning with your tool of choice, apply from around your nose (rare is the person without nasal redness) and work outward until there is none around the edges of your face. Most people have perfect skin around this area, foundation is meant to mimic, not conceal this so use only where needed. Blend in with fingertips.

Revelation 2. Concealer is applied AFTER foundation, not before like all those silly step-by-step books we read in our teens. *I will post about concealers soon*

For day, I usually skip any powder, but if it’s nighttime, a little LOOSE (pressed is too dense) powder, lightly brushed onto your ‘T Zone’ sets makeup and gives a polished-yet-transparent look.

Leave cheekbones POWDER FREE. They look good dewy. More youthful and  healthy-looking plus more accentuated.

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  1. Erica

    I bought a MyMix foundation on the basis of this post. I have to say, it’s fantastic and a far cry from the tinted moisturizer I was using before. Wonderful!

  2. Laura

    Myface is an AMAZING makeup brand!! I converted to Myface after buying the Vintage Pink lipstick and after being so impressed with the product I bought the foundation. Both are now staples in my make up bag. I always get compliments about how youthful and understated chic my make is- so I tell everyone why – as im not very good at keeping makeup secrets!

  3. Great post – I didn’t know concealer came second!

  4. Ruth

    I am inspired!
    Going out next week with my mirror.
    Great make up for the Hunger Game Berlin premier!

  5. Kate Evans

    The reason why I go bare faced is because it just feels lighter and fresher, but I will be sure to try out some of your picks! Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

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